Trade me Con Denti's

Campagnolo Con Dente pedals. Vintage goodness. | Trade Me

These would be awesome for the Cinelli but thats big dollar Item…

Am starting to think I sold my Campag Pista Pedals too cheap last night lol

Haha there is a fair bit of difference between std pista and Con Denti’s…

Treat yourself.

Haha I do that most weeks…

And savin for a new boat…

Funniest thread title ever !!!

If anyone knew what they were they would also know what they’re worth.

Can someone explain why they are so expensive…?

Double Ha-Ha !!! … I thought this was posted in the wanted section, As in you were looking for a set

Just get a dremel out to your pista pedals and some silver paint to fake the chrome :wink:

Aside from the little triangle cutouts enlighten me? They don’t look like $700 pedals ha ha

x2? I’ve sold and got bike stuff off that guy before. Sounds like he has heaps of stuff!

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:

Marzo in NZ is my brother, and I will be receiving these pedals in due course to put on ebay. I saw a set go in the US a couple of weeks ago for NZ$600 on a BIN. They sold within a few minutes of being listed. I look forward to seeing what this set will go for as in this condition they are a pretty rare item.

I think these ones that sold for $2500 put it all in perspective :-). These are the uber rare alloy, and are NOS, but still… (edit, actually not NOS)
Campagnolo Con Dente Aluminum Track Pedals, Extremely Rare. Original Box | eBay

Wow !!

I still have to ask, aside from the example above with Alu plates, the only difference between these and normal campy Pista pedals are the cutouts???

I understand supply/demand etc, I was just wondering if these had superior construction or spindles, or instead of grease they used the self-lubricating secretions from only the finest Italian women to keep the bearings running smooth?? Not to mention the extra passion in milling out the extra little cuts.

The pedal cages are steel. Superleggerri (alu) pedal cages came out much later and were never really favoured by the traditional track devotee’s.