TRADE-my ENVE wheels for your Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Just in case anyone has one sitting around…

TRADE-my ENVE wheels for your Star Wars Millennium Falcon - Weight Weenies

Reckon he’d settle for a Lego X-wing?

Just buy one!

$139 for some ENVEs is ok

Millennium Falcon

Maybe an X-wing and a couple of Y-wings?

or maybe

this post on WW is telling.

Telling, how so?

Weight Weenies attract the kind of people who would swap ENVEs for a toy.

wrong lego millenium falcon
10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon - Brickipedia, the LEGO Wiki

It is recorded to be the largest set ever produced by LEGO, measuring 33"(84 cm) long by 22"(56 cm) wide and 8.3"(21 cm) tall. It has been designed to be to scale with the minifigures, unlike most other ultimate collector’s series sets. The model is very intricate in detail with many special SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques involved in the front “spikes”, so the set was designed more than just a toy, but mimicking the basic Star Wars technology and architecture. Upon its release in 2007, UCS Millennium Falcon is the second largest LEGO set ever produced, after the 10189 Taj Mahal, with more than 5000 pieces and a 311 page instruction manual. The first copies of this set sold through received a special first edition certificate of authenticity.

at any rate, this millenium falcon is way sweeter.

Shit a RRP of $979 AUD!

can i pull it apart and use the bits to help make a 4 cockpit, 26 wheeled, 4 lazered moon-buggy??

Could these bricks not have been better used to house homeless lego people?


As a WW member, I resent that comment

10K for NOS

A bloke at work has one if these millennium falcons, took him a couple of months to assemble

What’s a millennium falcon weigh?

I have that one.

I read your comment first, assuming the author would be Kanye.
Colour me surprised! :slight_smile: