Trader Feedback?

Reckon it would be a good idea to have a Trader feedback section in the Trading area.
Have used this on other forums in the past and it works quite well.


Good idea, but I wouldn’t want to see the place turn into another ebay. Most transactions have no problems. The majority of problems seem to arise before the transaction, when members renege, delay paying, change their mind etc after they’ve said they’ll buy the item.

From my experience, stating clear conditions for your items seems to work better.

From my experience (i reckon i sold the most shit outta anyone on here last year) there isn’t really a massive need. Communication is the key to getting transactions through without any glitches. Having a feedback system may mean that there is then a need to be moderate feedback after its been given because of a dispute, which would then give the mods another thing to worry about.

**Don’t know if i worded that correctly. But i understand it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Almost all issues can be worked out via PM/email/offline. If they cant then its probably a f-up of larger proportions and naming and shaming ‘might’ be deserved in the actual thread (but as a last resort). Less threads is better :roll:

Side Note: Sometimes I wonder exactly how you source all your gear Gypsy (it seems to be on time-release every few weeks/months,) but then i think ‘maybe i dont want to know… :wink:

Naming and Shaming.

TC Style!,10354.0.html

Love it.

[quote="nikcee "]

The gypo never reveals his sources!

Big Garage Sale on the way.

wink wink…

Cupboards are exploding once again.

Um that was a little different and the said person forced my hand - and has finally come around.

Just means I wont be doing anymore ‘favours’. You get burned, you dont make the same mistake.

I bought a bike from Gypsy, it arrived damaged (from transit) and we resolved the issue perfectly. I give him two thumbs up even if his psuednym suggests otherwise. Buy with confidence.

Way back when I had a forum on fyxomatosis I bought shamals from a guy who took 8 months to post them, and was IMPOSSIBLE to contact. They eventually showed, but turns out he screwed over another member in Spain.

People can be cunts. Unnecessarily so.

I’ve had no probs on here, if i was super concerened I’d only buy off local sellers, then you can meet up/inspect the gear, no problems. I’ve bought/sold off interstate people I don’t know and all has been smooth.

8 month turn around on the shamals is crazy though, i mean if you were gonna screw somone over for 8 months why bother sending them at all??