Trading access - Now with 25 day limit

So, this means no more 10 character posts to bump your limits up to 25posts so you can get into the trading forum…

Accounts 25 days or older with at least one post will be granted trading access…


However if I understand the discussions elsewhere correctly… crap posting/bad behaviour will strip those privileges faster than BCC tries to sign up new members :slight_smile:

Stripping your privileges right now Mr Cee.

Are you even a committee member? I’m a race director! =P

wait…you can sell stuff on this forum?


Great move guys, I like the idea of a 25 day cooling off period. Keeps it in the family a bit more I think.

This I think is an awesome idea, I think it will weed out a lot of the crap posts from new members!


Does this mean that shifter bikes finally gets trading rights.

Another grand tradition bites the dust


Surely he can be cut off just to keep the tradition up!

Heh, to be honest I didn’t even notice shifter didn’t have trading rights… But, maybe the post limit should be re-imposed, so we can get 25 hilarious posts out of him…

Wait a second, I don’t think he could give any less of a shit :slight_smile:

how do u get access to the for sale thread ?? can anyone help me please ?

Do your time.

try reading the first post, helps.

His time’s already done, a couple of days ago.

I’ve fixed it for you.

Try checking out his profile to see that he should’ve had access already?

My mistake, i was skimming. To busy dealing with other mod-like business.

i saw nov 2011, my bad for not caring enough to go look at his profile and investigate further =P

Early Xmas present, nice. Are you buying or selling markd ?
And markd by who ?

Thanks alot

i am trying to sell for myself … i have read thru the rules an so on

Appreciate people helping me on ere

i put a add for sale last night but it never came up. does it have to get approved by some one before it shows up ?