Trainer help

Hey guys,

I am looking to purchase a trainer and I am after some advice. I have around $350 to spend and have been looking at these:-

CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro

CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro

CycleOps Fluid_ Winter Training Kit

Besides the last one with all the extras bits, what should I be looking for and what are the pros and cons of each.

Thanks in advance.

first link from google “which cycling trainer should i buy”

Bike Trainer Reviews- Know This About 3 Bicycle Trainer Types! |

Before you spend money on it, borrow a trainer first to see if you can withstand the boredom.

I currently have the Jet Fluid Pro. Can’t really compare it to anything as its my first and only trainer. What I do know is:
A: It works
B: It’s boring unless your watching a training DVD (I use RealRides)
C: It’s boring
D: It’s not noisy
E: It’s resistance to gear/cadence curve is great.

When I was looking, it was out of the Jet Fluid Pro or Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, which apparently never leaks, but I think Cycleops has a dude who worked with Kurt and sorted their shit out.

My Tips:

  1. Get a Towel.
  2. Place a Fan in front of you.
  3. Lay down a mat under your shit to protect your floor/carpet from flying sweat/rubber.
  4. Make sure you use a riser block to keep the bike flat (phone books work well).

Just forget the CycleOps ones, the seals go then they leak fluid and the resistance unit is fecked. They can be repaired but it costs $$$$ and they don’t come up as good after.

Scratch up the extra $ for a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, they’re bombproof. You’ll be glad you did. I blew up a mag trainer and a CycleOps before I bought my KK about 6 years ago. It’s had serious use over that time, has even fallen out of my car & landed on the resistance unit and hasn’t skipped a beat.

see here for a decent local price

get the most expensive one you can afford and ride it until it breaks.

i also think i made a blog post a while back on “movies to watch on the trainer”. you could search for it, but in general, sports or action movies are the best. bourne trilogy ruled.

I borrowed a mates magnatec and loved it, found it very mediative. The unit was very clunky but helped with smoothing out my cadence.

Thanks for all the replies, looks like I will save the pennies for a Kurt.

This was a massive problem with their range up to ~2 years ago. I believe they have a similar (Kurt’s design is patented) seal design to the Kurt now.

or one of these:

I have a magnetic one. Feels good man. Also feels bad cos I vommed on it.

Once you have it, music is also good.

My housemates won’t let me train indoors cos they say the whole house smells like a sex den afterwards, so I have to do it in the laundry, where there is no tv. I recommend angry music so that efforts feel kinda worthwhile.

Yep… nothings spells ‘sex den’ like the stench of sweat soaked, lycra.

Run Lola Run. German soundtrack. Up LOUD.

Sex den eh? I set mine up in my caravan. It’ll never smell like my friend’s room when we were 16 though. Geez, that guy had a lot of sex. No way can I get sweaty and smelly enough to compete with that.

get a magnet one they are fine and cheaper

a good training session is to put hell on wheels on and do a max effort every time you see erik zabel depressed or crashing or getting beaten or getting a massage

I hate the stupid trainer, boring as hell, either ride in the rain or just take a day off instead, actually just ride you will feel better than smashing it out on the stupid thing.

Anyone want To buy a used cyclops fluid 2?


you must be a beast.

I like to watch ‘Run Lola Run’ anytime I possible can. Damn that chick is gorgeous!


Using a trainer to good effect is a discipline. Like all disciplines it takes some patience and commitment to its learning. You get a lot of payback for your time if you learn to use one effectively.

(I’m just off to the shed now for 70min of structured intervals on the KKRM. Ramones anthology on the iPod, water, fan & towel at the ready).