Traitors gonna trait...

Picked up this frame from NZ late last year. 2010 Traitor Crusade made from Columbus Life tubing.
The nice people at Jetnikoff built it up into a sweet single speed cx bike for me

Unfortunately, after returning from my Woods Point ride I noticed a crack in the toptube near the internal cable sleeve thing.

Will sent it to his frame builder who patched it up and put cable stops on the toptube. Good as (if not better than) new.

Not as pretty as it was but I’m really glad there was no catastrophic failure at speed/in the middle of nowhere.

f@&k …evil crack , what do you think it’s from … Bunny hop/ mono hop …or just a fault in the steel . Nice bike , your welder has done a neat job too with the weld beads .

mmmmm any idea who did the work?

looks like a gripsport job

Welding looks good but I didn’t think that would be recommended, the original tubing is so thin I thought it would just crack next to the weld.
I’m no engineer though

Unreinforced cable entries into frame tubes are asking for it

…sure does

As BrakeFree said, I imagine it’s more to do with the frame construction than my use of the bike. I kept both wheels on the ground as much as I could.

I really hope you’re wrong. It feels a lot sturdier than it was, even before the crack. I guess time will tell…

I’d keep a very close eye at the end of the gusset (center of the tt)