Trek Madone / interim race bike

After cracking my 400km old Cinelli frame, and waiting & waiting & still
waiting for the replacement & no racing I’ve cracked & need a roadie.
I fitted all my Sram Force bits to a Trek 5.2 frame.

I might build up some carbon Radioshack Bontrager wheels I think.

It will become my training/workhorse bike once the new Cinelli gets here.
I just bought a Sram Red/Black group for the Cinelli & Dura Ace pedals,
It should be borderline 7.0kg I think.

Anyway enjoy

7.71kg with alloy training wheels
60cm frame
Alloy bars/stem
105 pedals
Force group
Alloy Velocity A23 helios wheels.

What brand are those wheels?

Which ones?

They’d look nice on my parlee…

Nice bike! I raced on a 5200 for years and years, still one of my favorite bikes. IMHO Trek is best of breed of all the big box retailers, and their warranty coverage is stellar. The bike looks nice. I had a little trouble deciphering the brand of those wheels as well. :wink: Did you perfectly align them for the picture or do they just roll that way?

Me and Mrs. Spirito are giggling in bed all because of you !!

They are Cane Creek Rims. The Blue Gecko Billboards on them look shit!
I slapped some Campy decals on to suit my Cinelli.

I built them with Velocity Helios hubs, & Sapim CX-Ray spokes, so you can call them
what ever wheels you want.

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She calls me johno … or is it the other way round??? :wink:

I can see a piece of the bike that doesn’t have a sticker on it. Better fix that.


Farkin nice big bike in the flesh. Visited goose this morning at work and had a little drool over this thing.

With Carbon race wheels

How did you go with the Cinelli warranty? What did they say about breaking the BB in half??

No drama’s, though they have just finished having a 3 week siesta in Italy. So 3 weeks doing nothing.
Before that sending the BB back and emails back and forth etc took a few weeks.
The replacement frame finally arrived at my ‘half way house’ last Friday… only to be the wrong size.

Thats why I just thourght fuck it, and got this frameset for the meantime.

Its comfortable to ride (dont get sore/cramped), might change the bars but to
an anotomical version.

I think the Cinelli was 7.60kg with these compnents on, & carbon bars & stem.
(The top line Pro Best of is about 400g more then the Pro Estrada, but built for comfort more)

I got a Red/Black group & D/A pedals to go on that now.
Cant have the spare bike lighter then the racer.

The '12 version of these is looking pretty good in the very fashionable stealth bomber livery.

Good to hear about the replacement.
I’ve never owned a crabon frame- are these sorts of failures common? You look at a modern carbon BB and it has so much material down there…

This is my first carbon frame in 12yrs.
I like the comfort of em, frames crack,
Every frame has a warranty against materials
And defects like this, so no need to worry.
The Cinelli was a defect in the carbon in the chainstay about
8-10" from the bb. Nothing to do with the
Way it was ridden etc. Shit happens.

sweet poem!

Shit thats light for that size.
You are the full weight weenie now.