triathalon on ss/fixed

Anyone done a triathalon on a fixie or single speed? Any reccomended mods?
doing the Corporate Tri in March. the ride is only 10 k’s and is meant to be flat so should be ok.
Thinking about getting some bullhorns or tri bars to get my Aero on…
Going to go Single so I can freewheel if I need a rest.
If this is in the wrong spot sorry, feel free to move.

They may check for brakes, if you go singlespeed, then I presume you have them…

go fixed and get your spin on its only 10ks…that’s what i did.

10k… do it with rizor, that’ll show them!

A lot of people do a lot longer rides fixed! 10k’s should be fine! just check the rules on bike equipments, they may want brakes…

if you do go for it fixed, then i expect to see full skinsuit/clipless/tribars and aero helmet.

Thanks for the fast replies! I thought I was the only slack one trawling the webz at work :slight_smile:
I ride 20 k’s each way to work so agree that 10 ks isn’t far.

My work is buying us tri top’s and shorts. I fear them! Our corporate colour is HOT pink!
I run brakes on the single front and back so should be all good with that.
I was thinking I could a bigger cog and get some good pace going but might stuff the legs for the run… who knows.

just go 85gi’s :stuck_out_tongue:

smaller cog.

or bigger chainring. Oh, and a new chain.

Definitely will need brakes. I’d go bullhorns and aerobars - or a set of these :wink:

Do you know where the bike section of the course is? Test ride it in advance at the same time of day you would be racing to check for prevailing wind etc, and see if you need to change your gear ratio to better suit the course.

Rusty Chisel, Yeah sorry. Bigger Chain ring :frowning: FAIL
Larfin boy. That looks like some sort of stealth weapon. Been checking out aero bars online. Hopefully sort something out soon.


Is it a drafting or non drafting race?
You will have to check this to see what bar set up is allowed my guess is it will be non drafting.

you should tell them that mum’s cooking a lamb roast that day

As much as i love the rules, if we’re quoting them here, we may have issue with Rules 50, and 57…

haha very true

Drafting is not allowed. They don’t mention anything about grappling hooks to passing seat poles though…
I break so many of those rules. My ginger beard is lush and full at the moment

you may want to check the turn-a-round, sometimes they’re a bit tight and you don’t want to drop a pedal!

whipskid + 180.


haha fuq yurr