Triathletes falling over riding up a hill

Savageman Triathlon 2012: Westernport Wall Falls - YouTube

One would think that the athletes would research the route ahead of time, and realising that there was a 30% grade, geared their bicycles accordingly.

Either that or learn how to ride.

All that aero shit didn’t seem to give much advantage…

in tears

That road looks like the SCG on day 5 of a test match. They shouldn’t be riding on it, Warney should be bowling on it.

^ Cyclists tend to fall over whenever Warney’s around.

HOLY SHIT. This just made my day. This and riding to work with Matty Lloyd.

Wait, Essendon full forward Matty Lloyd?

Funny funny shit. Nothing delights me more than Triathletes falling over.

Il prepared, or is it just really really impossible?

My wife just commented that it reminded her of fainting goats.

30% with a standard range cassette would be pretty damn tough. Most people would struggle up that with a granny ring.

Pretty funny regardless.

This is equally good:


so much lollin’

everyone in the mtb video is getting so rad

the tri vid was exactly what i expected it to be…

I love it, some people look like they are getting up it.
Not one person clipped out they all have epic clip fail falls,
As dome one that has a lot of pro and ex pro tri friends I can ensure you bike handling and matenence are not many of there strong points.

Noosa tri it rained and guys had discs 180psi+ on 23mm slicks,
Then tried to take on round abouts on tt rigs.

It was not pretty, plus the fact I was watching and had to change 3 flays for people that didn’t know how.

Dude at 2:52 catching his bike again as it bounces past!

And seriously FUCK whoever came up with that soundtrack.

Love the dude doing the scorpion at the end.

I didn’t know mountain biking could be as fun as cyclocross.

Yeh, a mate of mine was asking about bikes etc, ended up buying a Tarmac with 105. I was all like sweet man, let’s go for a ride, but he only bought it to practice for the bike leg of triathlons. Sad. He hasn’t turned a pedal since his last race 4 months ago…

Yeah, I remember the first time I rode in cleats too.

So a 11-28 cassette with 39t chainring no chance? Man we need to organise a hill climbing comp!