trick frame

airwalk will do the job! :slight_smile:

Check out the new frames here:

$250USD intro deal on their first freestyle frame, 26" big bmx lookin’ thing. Seems like a pretty sweet price if you could convince them to send it to Aus.

What are peoples thoughts on the leader trick frames? Primarily I am after a tough commuter that I can have some fun with, not looking to get too hard into tricks but do want to do bar spinz for dayz.

Ya can’t go wrong with a Leader frame, they’ve done the hard yards and have some really good gear out now.
Search for the Shadow frame and Reaper fork, pretty cheap from what I can remember.

Thanks Markee, will look into it.

how come you can’t buy directly off the leader site anymore?

bicycle distributors are taking over the world?

As an update on the Marino frames - they are hand made to custom order in Peru - 65 US shipping so $315 fully shipped to Aus.

Can be made to any wheel size/tyre spec you want too, any size, any colour. full CRMO. Might pick one up over the next few months.

Those marinos look wak, if you wanna go down that path then you midas well just ride a NS Suburban, blackmarket riot or similar 26" hardtial DJ frame, you can get them local second hand four around $300ish, plenty on rotorburn.

If you wanna run 135mm hubs maybe.

you can get 130mm fixed hubs. can easily pull 5mm in.

you can get 135 too, but 120mm is alot more common hence why(among other reasons) a marino frame is better suited to fgfs than a dirt jump frame.

the market is just getting fludded with cheap completes

what about this for 799?


If you don’t min going 26 the p-fix is only 900…