trick frame

hey guys
ive been riding like a vintage fixie but wanting get into tricking.
im looking for solid but cheap trick frame, anyone know any brands or links they could share?

Airwalk Fixed Gear: BMX frame!! 2rd edition now!!
inFamousBike: inFamous freestyle frame
Cheap and Fast delivery.

yeh thanks for the suggestion but i got my eye on a volume thrasher

volume thrashers aren’t that cheap…

Truindeed, that guys right.
Frames will set u back about $650-700 and the Thrasher forks are going to be at least $200. Not exactly cheap.
Im not on the Airwalk/Infamous payroll (yet) but i think they are the ideal entry level trick frame among others.
You would have more cash left to spend on a strong set of wheels, which is important.
forwood then backwood.

Airwalks weigh a metric tonne. i have never in my life picked up a heavier bike. There are so many companies making trick frames these days. If you are starting out i think your best option would be to grab a complete. MKE was doing the bruiser complete for like 800-900usd but i dunno if they are still doing them. Check out NS analog/Subrosa etc. Or if you are certain you wanna build you own then throw all your money into a frame and wheels and the rest you can literally figure out yourself. Get on a mtb forum. You can cop a cheap oversize mtb stem and handlebar combo for hella cheap. hit up Trick Track forums and check out the builds on there. there are about 3000000000 new members on the website posting there new rides. Its a fairly good way to weigh up all your options and see what you like.

the Eight inch Scrambler(i think, corect me) is really cheap too
On chain reaction the Identiti persona is cheap as the NS analog.

cell mallet 360’s are $550.

Airwalks are good for the coin.

Best value for money frames would be the Volume Cutter or Thrasher. You can pick up a cutter now for around $300.

Thrashers are around 550 at gear brisbane, and around 220 for fork, worth the bit extra if you want something that will last and as gypo said not weigh a fuck-ton! Plenty of happy thrasher owners on this forum :wink:

Xavier you fixie oner

Just buy a skateboard. They’re cheaper, lighter and do better tricks.

Wow. I’ve never heard that one before.

So smart. So witty. Im gonna get one now just cos you said so.


I know the guy (me) who’s selling this. — Oh-Nah
Good deal if I don’t say so myself.

Recently bought some wheels from OH-NAH and they were as described and in perfect condition.
I’ve also seen this frame and can vouch for him and it. :slight_smile:

^ second what he said bout the wheels. I also bought wheels, seatpost and sprocket from Oh-Nah. If only the frame had been my size…

im looking for a trick frame i’m 6’1 would the airwalk 50cm C-T (geom. similar in 54cm) be too small for me ?

^^ way to small.