Post your favourite fixed freestyle videos and short edits here.
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one of my favorites

^ that was good!

and he didn’t throw his bike once!

That just means he wasn’t trying hard enough :wink:

just landed at GEAR, Death Pedal 2

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This video is pretty current and up to date, worth a look :wink:

Death Pedal = Fat cunts that can’t be bothered pedalling too hard or fast so took up ‘tricking’… :wink:

…or they could have discovered more to riding fixed gears than chasing cars…

pretty decent riding right thurrr!


Pretty much nailed fakie tonite as well, pretty happy cos it only took about 3 weeks riding twice a week.

Just saw that Keo Rock video on Trick Track. The dude is so so smooth. Love it. Without a doubt still my favourite rider.

heartily endorsed.

the guy thinks different and largely could care less about whatever else is happening in ‘trick-land’.

i also like how he keeps ‘quitting’ riding to go ride motorbikes and then popping back up with some new shit…

Wicked edit! 1 min 20secs and 55 seconds my favs fo sure!

And seriosuly WTF Lamarche. You are a freak.

Dayum. I stopped following FGFS videos after a while because I thought there was not much more they could do.
But time after time, new bangin’ edits come out like that one… and get proven wrong again…

360 nose pivot thingo @ 54secs was epic… edit after closer inspection… looks like he did a footjam there too

Already post above Prawza.

My two recent pics…

420 on Vimeo


Spring Edit on Vimeo

its a different video with the same name?

So it is. My apologies.

420 vid was sick


this guy makes me want to get a trick bike
it’s like he dances with it

note he doesn’t throw it once :wink:

anyone know what he’s riding please?