tricks in the capital?

Hey guys
this will probably be a long shot but is there any one here that lives in Canberra and does fixed gear stunts?

Yeah… me

I try but most of the time it’s a fail.

I ride with no hands if my mum’s watching.

Brakefree are you northside or southside?
And where do you ride?

North, I just screw around when I am riding through the city, sometimes go to basketball court in lyneham to practice…
I’m not exactly good though

I am not from that place either.

There’s a bunch of children who ride around the inner north doing tricks on fixies. I believe they can be seen every wednesday night of daylight savings.

  • Joel

holla at me if you wanna go for a trick session, (i suck btw) i’m inner northside, anyone else got a trick bike in canberra?

we should get this going!
My bikes nearly done and i dont want to ride with bmxers any more haha

me and twoD ride our bikes around and try to bust wheelies and barspins. ultimately it is embarrassing but we have a good time.

hahah sounds about the level of riding i do,
have you ridden at belco yet?