tried searcing still no luck

i have tried searching for decent fixed gear shops in sydney with no luck. Be good if anyone in sydney knows of some good stores that mainly specialise in fixed gear bikes. The few i have found out about have come from asking another bike shop but he wasnt too keen on giving out names of other bikes shops. And to whoever closed my thread, have a think buddy do you really think i would ask the question before i have done a google search and im not just after bike shops im after bike shops that are more fixie orientated.

Deus on Bourke Street in Surry Hills is your best bet.
If you want budget, check out cell bikes.

Also, change your tone a little. A decent google search would have turned up what you want. Be nice and stick around and you’ll get access to the trading area, and maybe pick up a tip or two.

first line says Sydney fixie store.

holy shit!!

Pretty sure Sable & Argent are now closed.

Correct. Please refer to my first post.