Trip to New Zealand, March 2012

Who’s in?

Have a route tentatively planned.
Christchurch > arthur’s pass > franz josef glacier > rest day (visit the glacier) > Haast > Queenstown.

I’m pretty keen, would love to do this.

Still want to head towards UCI track worlds afterwards.

I would entertain talk of further riding, before or after NZ, if anyones keen…

You have to ride from queenstown to arrow town theres even a mini stelvio,

I read the article and decide this post is competent for this site. This post provide its main option and sharing with all.


But on a more constructive note, NZ is choice. Though riding the west coast means: rain, narrow roads (and there is really only one road) with foreigners driving camper vans, rain, sand flies and rain.
On the up side Autumn is generally the most settled weather around there.

and Haast is pretty rugged (in a good way)