Trip up Brisbane way.

So, I’m coming to Brisbane tomorrow afternoon.
I was originally going to bring my bmx but changed my mind when I realised the weather would be nice and I haven’t really explored Brissy so I’ve decided to bring my track bike.

I’m there from 4pm Friday till 4pm monday, keen on going for a ride or hangout anytime in between. Preferably under 100 k’s so I can get some study in for mid years. Is there anything organised going on or anyone who would be willing to show me around. I heard about a Polo game at Musgrave park on Sunday, is this still going on?



It’s forecasted to rain all weekend mate!

rain never stopped me! or my overpriced Rapha rain jacket!
but I’ll be riding either way…

Polo on Sunday is your best chance to meet up with members from here. Usually a good crowd from 2pm at Musgrave Park. If you can’t find us then head over to Gear on Browning St and one of the boys will give you directions from there. I’m in Toowoomba for the weekend otherwise I’d come out and show you around. There is a Saturday morning ride happening, it is a bit of a smash fest but nobody gets left behind… usually :wink:

check the sat morning ride thread to meet up with fellow nutcases that ride in the rain