Triple triangle fixay.

This is mine, I got it back off Ash the other week then some jerk taxi driver decided to write my car off for me so it’s back on the block.

Reynolds 531 triple triangle fixie frame. Columbus track Chris King njs sugino | eBay

ooooh. Got a price?

how much for the red & white one? :slight_smile:


Coolest frameset posted on this forum in recently.

Yeah, I’d rather ride this than the Tommasini in Radelaide !!!

I wish I needed a track frame (but I already got one in the works, and it’s green)

I hope it goes to a good owner.

Saw this and thought ‘must be Erle’s’… And it was.

Super nice. (Erle, you slammed that stem huh!)

Hey erle, im in need of a new frame and this would suit me just fine! If your in melbourne I could pick up in the next few days.

It was the style at the time!