TRP 8.4 Install

So in my infinite wisdom I thought I’d try a TRP CX 8.4 up front on my gunnar crosshair as I’m over the Canti squeal.

I’m using 2015 Chorus Shakes and a Mavic A719 rim.

The only way I can get the distance between the Cable pipe and the anchor point under the recommended 45mm (in point 2 here is to remove all spaces between brake cartridge and the brake arm.

I’ve done this but I still can’t get much stopping power.

I think my cable run is OK and the distance c-c or bosses is 80mm which I think is fairly standard? I’ve tried both middle and top spring holes.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong.

I can post up a pick tomorrow if it helps


Standard pads? You could switch out for salmon slim pads these save about 5mm from memory

I’ve just installed the same brakes on my Swiss Cross and tested them on a reasonably long gravel ride. They work a treat just out of the box.
Will check my canti spacing tomorrow and let you know if it’s much different to yours.
Using 105 brifters.

post a pic.

My 8.4s with 11spd chorus levers have ample power on an easton cx fork.

I can measure canti stud width if you like.

Sounds like the

Heres a pic

Sounds like the salmon slim pads may be the go, anyone know of a stockist in Melb.

pretty sure we have some in stock at Goodcycles (Docklands) though I would call 1st (been a while since I’ve been in)

otherwise, Abbotsford, Commuter maybe Saint Cloud?

edit: my stud spacing is 85mm and 55mm from pipe anchor to centre of cable pinch bolt (when brakes are off)

My canti stud spacing is 76 mm front, 72 mm rear.
From pipe anchor to centre of cable pinch bolt, I have 72 (front) and 74 mm (rear).

Hmm, thats strange I assumed 72mm would be too long. Maybe I need to undo my tape again and check my cable run.

I didn’t really want to do this because I did it yesterday before working out my canti cable length was OK.

Seb, are you measuring from the the point where the pipe/noodle secures into the QR bit of the brake as in the diagram in the pdf linked to in the original post?
as 72mm sounds too wide if your canti stud spacing is the same?

Bear in mind TRP gives you measurement A with brakes on, my measurements are with brakes off, and not taken exactly like what TRP shows in diagram. I took measurements like Mike, brakes off and from pipe anchor to center of pinch bolt, while TRP takes A from outside of pipe anchor to outside of pinch bolt. I should have mentioned that.

With brakes on I have 59 mm front, 64 mm rear, so if I was exactly taking my A measurements like in diagram these would be shorter by 3-4 mm.

I installed some thin pads last night and I’m much happier now. Thanks for the suggestion Dayne.

I think cr710 on the back and these up front may be a pretty good combo

that’s what I run on my CX to. I agree it’s a good combo, power/no shudder up front, modulation out back.

Le Mullet.

Stumbled onto this pic. Just curious, are you running a front rack currently. Noticed the mounting hardware. If so, do you have a picture? Been contemplating the same setup.

Yeh, got a nitto M12 on now. I’ll try and take a pick today

Great, Thanks! what a nice setup.