Good read.

I had to substitute ‘Instagram’ with ‘’


fuck yehhhhhhhhh, banality of late capitalist consumption.

Does this qualify as a “Think Piece”


no just a slightly more articulate blog than usual.

So many words… I might read it over the long wkend

tl:dr summary: people are using Instagram as:

[li]a popularity contest[/li][li]a fake and egotistical medium to self promote their capitalism[/li][li]a conduit for hollow relationships, ala ‘facebook friends’[/li][/ul]

^ thanks!

FWIW it’s worth, I quit facebook years back for pretty much the reasons the author stated.
I continue with Instagram because I don’t give a shit about followers and numbers of likes. I just like a lot of the pictures people are putting up. If I did care about followers and likes I’d get a pair of boobs and post three photos a day of my cleavage or butt cheeks after doing squats. They seem like pretty sure tactics for getting attention.
BTW, what the hell is ‘hate following’?

Following someone because you love seething over how shit they are.

The article says more about the author than it does about social media imho.

Do people still care about this?

i had to google ‘baaw’. i got this

Is this revolutionary or something? I thought everyone knew this ???

That’s basically a list of what I like most about social media

I use Instagram because 1) it’s a good lazy alternative to having to organise a bunch of pictures, especially whilst travelling and 2) I like cats, especially the pic of Toby & Pickle that Blakey posted earlier. That was one of the best ever. Oh and Asher’s kitteh too.