Trying my luck - Fat Freddy's Drop at the Sydney Opera House

Hey guys - this is really desperation stuff.

I love Fat Freddy’s Drop, it was just recently that I had a discussion about what bands would I travel to go and see. FFD was the only band I could come up with. They are going to be in Sydney on Australia day at the Opera House. Now the cherry on top is that Nightmares on Wax is supporting - one of my all time fav DJs.

Here is the kick to the balls. I only stumbled across this 20 minutes ago and they are sold out of seats in front of the stage. There are some seats available BEHIND the stage, but I am only going to use this as a last resort. I am desperate to see them. If anyone has some Sydney Opera House secret handshake, or sits on their board - CAN YOU PLEASE GET ME SOME TICKETS?


Well I do know some sales people we work with and would be happy to give it a try. We are normally only selling opera, ballet and the likes but I could at least give it a shout tomorrow. Would you mind sending me the details to marcterhorst aet and I’ll see what I can do tomorrow?

Oh - this is awesome. I will email you now. Thanks!

Amazing band, my mums says their rad live. She has good taste.

They are playing in Melbourne as well.

Tickets | Fat Freddy’s Drop - Slings & Arrows Tour - St Kilda VIC at Ticketmaster

Thanks for the inspiration! Hope there are tix

Hey man, hope you find some good tickets. Saw them a few times back home and they are exceptional live.

I saw them last time in Melbs (or maybe the time before that), had free tix too -and my mate bailed on me!

Here is some stuff from pre FFD days


if you can’t make it to the gig get this album (or get it regardless)

Hey dudes - is there anyone in the CBD that can pick up some tickets for me if I wire them the cash?

Harry? There is a 6 pack of crownies in it for you :wink:

Could do if it’s after 5.30?

Roger that - just trying to find out where he is exactly.

I can do it whenever Ezy if Droz can’t

Thanks guys - I have Sydney’s best bicycle courier and photographer on the case.

Thanks to all that have helped! I am going to be up in Sydney soon I guess - will work out if we are going to make it a day trip or head up for the long weekend.

In any case - If anyone wants to hook up for a few beers before the show in the CBD on the 26th of January. Hola.

Yo! Does anyone know where would be good to stay (hotel wise) in the CBD - not sure if Darlinghurst is too far away - a mate has recommended a place there? I was going to stay with a mate in Manly again - but its just too far away and I don’t think we would make the last ferry back.

Thanks FoA Collective.

One place I was looking at was The Lord Nelson! BOOM!!

Darlinghurst would be fine, a few minutes in a cab. I’ve even walked it, it’s not a stupid distance: this is worth noting because cabs are impossible to get in Sydney a lot of the time.

Lord Nelson! Didn’t realise they offered accomodation: that would be a great place to stay.

Yeah, I am not wanting to count on cabs. I am thinking lord nelson would be rad.

What place in Darlinghurst?

At this point - parking is the main problem as we will have a car. A lot of places don’t have anywhere to leave your car (fair enough).

In case you dont find anything else (I’m saying that as my place is even more far away than Manly not because I want you to look elsewhere first), I’m more than happy to offer you my couch in Narrabeen.

Thanks Marc - but yeah, the show doesn’t start until 930pm and will finish up close to, or even over midnight. I think staying in the CBD might be a better option.