trying to buy a bike from the uk. help needed!

had a friend ask for advice regarding cheap bikes a few days ago. 10 minutes of google got me these 3 as an option:
full list of goldcross’ sale bikes can be found here:
50-percent-off-5000-bikes-VIC - Goldcross Cycles


i swear by bicylce recycle.
got a sweet chro mo track frame for a 100 bucks… and its the business. .
also, the prices reflect the location of the place… IE: cheap.
nice guys too…
+1 for bicycle recycle.

thanks for all the suggestions guys. really appreciated.

will bicycle recycle be able to help my mate out in terms of finding him a decent bike from their collection or is it just a guy with a massive warehouse of old bikes trying to sell them on to any one who’ll have them. my friend doesn’t have any buying experience of buying second hand ya see…