Dear All,

Finally the Fixed.org.au tshirts are for sale? It?s taken me since July 2006 to get this together - Better later rather than never though, right? Thanks muchly to Greg at Pomade.tv for the design.

The tshirts are selling for $21AUD each. If you are in Melbourne, you can pickup (details on where when you order), and if you are interstate or international, please add the postage types to your order. Postage is $4AUD for interstate, and $10 for international orders. You are able to pay via direct deposit or Paypal - If you are ordering international, please use Paypal.

If you are ordering in bulk (say, for the QLD’ers) please order however many tshirts you’re getting, and select the international postage option.

Please remember, these are pre-order tshirts - No orders will be taken after the 29th of March, and we hope to have the tshirts printed within 14 days. You will be kept up to date via email.

All profits from the tshirts will be donated to the Amy Gillett Foundation.

?The Amy Gillett Foundation?s primary objective is to reduce the incidence of injury and death caused by the interaction of cyclists and motorists. In doing so, we hope to promote a safe and harmonious relationship of shared respect between cyclists and motorists.?

TIME TO GO SHOPPING http://www.fixed.org.au/shop


Just in case anybody missed it in the fine print, T shirt orders will close on 29th March.

No orders will be taken after the 29th.

So, get your orders in while you can.

Get some fine threads, support your local riding community and support a worthy charity.

In response to dozens of queries (where dozens=1), if you haven’t been here and placed your order, then you haven’t ordered a t shirt.

The previous thread(s) where people have put their hand up were not for orders, you MUST go here to place your order.

Guys, tshirts will only be for sale for another 3 days - So, if you want one, get in there - Paypal or direct deposit, order at the http://fixed.org.au/shop


Last chance people!

Orders will close sometime today. Get in now to secure your very limited release T shirt. These things will be worth a fortune on eBay in a couple of years.

What became of these Tees? Is there an ETA?

There have been delays (obviously). I really don’t know what and why but I can tell you that I have been told they’ll be ready for collection next week.

Once I have them I’ll begin posting and organising deliveries/pickups straight away.

If there is a spare T, put me down for one pls.

Thanks Nick.

Nick if you’re in need of a dispatch assistant I’d gladly help :slight_smile:

No stress, just checkin’. Thanks for your efforts, these things can be a PITA.

OK finally they’re done.

For those of you who paid for postage, they’re either on the way now or will be posted tomorrow (except for Steve@idealcycles - if you’re reading this, please reply to my email).

I’m assuming the Melbourne Saturday regulars will want theirs this Saturday (or whichever Saturday they’ll be along to next). That includes Steve, Pete, MJ. What about you Christof?

Everyone else I’m in the process of emailing to organise collection/delivery.

Once again, sorry for the delays. It’ll all be over soon.


i can pick mine up on a saturday ride.


Provided I’m not excessively hangover I’ll be there mate :expressionless:

OK. let me know because carrying a bag full of T shirts all day for people who don’t show up is really irritating :wink:

I’ll be there Saturday

Fair call, I’ll be there mate.

Are there any left over. I didn’t put an order in because it was before i knew you guys. Buy if there is any left over i will pay for one

whats size Damo?
i bought 2 mediums

Let me just say that, having got mine this week , I reckon they are bloody good. Both my wife and 18 year old daughter want one, but , even though they’d look a million times better than me in it, I told them to ride fixed or forget it. Thanks for the work and the end product