Tubi questions

I have a set of tubi track wheels that I scored cheap a long time ago, with tubs mounted. They’ve been sitting in the shed for a couple of years.


The tyres are Conti Giros, they look to be in very good nick, negligible tread wear and the gum sidewalls are good. I believe they’re a very cheap tyre - are they crap? They look and feel hard and lumpy, especially at pressure. I have rolled around the block on them and on the carnegie track and they feel like crap compared to a halfway decent road clincher.

Since they’ve been in the shed for so long, should they be re-glued before I trust my life to them? Should I bin them and buy new ones? (I think I know the answer to this)

There’s a few gluey thumbprints on the rims, can they be removed easily - the rims are Mavic OR 10s - very pretty gold and I don’t want to fuck up the ano.

Much obliged.

I love tubulars, the feel when rolling on singles in second to none. It sounds like they’ve been glue pretty bad and the quality isn’t that great. Rip em off, bin them, clean up your rims and put a fresh set of good Contis on there like GP4000’s or Sprinters. If you’re only using them on the track there are some excellent tyre choices. They are worth persisting with.

PM me if you need some Contis, I’ve got a brand new one and a nearly new one that I’d sell for cheap.

Giros are Conti’s entry level tub, trainers.