Tubs please

Got my hands on a pair of Shamal’s for my Paconi roadie, just need to glue on some tubs. Searched back some way to find older posts about “which tub?” just wondering if anyone got any comments.

The other posts suggested Gatorskins or GP400 or 4000’s.

And whats best to clean off the old glue, it’s been there for some time…like years?


Aren’t you meant to leave the old glue on to help the tubs stick? Maybe I’m making shit up.

Can’t help with the tyres because i just buy whatever’s cheap. But i find anyting with acetone works well to wipe the glueing surface down with before applying more glue if the glue isn’t too old. Or if the glue is really old and hard sandpaper is good too.

The Shamals aren’t the ones that sold on eBay yesterday by any chance are they?

No, I got them off a good mate who used to ride tri, he’s used them at the tri world cup in like 1998 or 9, and I’m the only person he knows that still rides 8 speed so he said take them, he’d rather see them used than collecting dust!

I think Heatseeker recommended gatorskins as he (from recollection) was running them on his rear disc on the street.

You could give Dan at Shifterbikes a call - he mentioned to me that something like meths or a similar product will dissolve the old glue to loosen it up first - he’s gluing up an old pair of tubular shamals for me at present and they had layers of shellack and glue on them.


s3 tufos. light, fast, cheap and tough on those stains, yet mild on your hands…

leave the old glue on unless it is dried out and flaking off