Tubular recommendations

Not racing and not riding every day.
Not too cheap and not too expensive



Take your pick.

more specifically, i think this might fit the bill:


went to that exact site beofr emy post and then thought ‘wow lots here, wonder what the forum would suggest?’
forgive me please

not a fan of hutchinson rubber…

I like IRC training. not sure where to get em here though. nice classic looking tub, and light.

period looking, for a mid 70’s bike … (pm’d)

Have the exact same question, with similar usage as OP, ie not for racing, not an everyday ride, but more of a weekend warrior/training tyre.

Went to wiggle and had a look, from the threads ive read off a few forums around, im tossing between

Vittoria Rally
Conti Sprinter Gatorskins

Taking into account the Rally’s are half the price of the conti’s.

Anyone have any experience with the two?

the Rally’s look great but that’s where it ends.

Why go to all the trouble of gluing and extra hassle for a crappy tire? It’s like putting crossply retreads on your Maserati.

Tubulars ain’t for everyone. If you going to use them, don’t skimp on crappy tyres as you’ll never be rewarded for the extra hassle. Few things equal the ride of a classic set of tubular wheels. If you’re on a budget constraint then tubulars is the wrong option.

If you can afford them … Andre Dugast !!! http://www.a-dugast.com/

For older bikes (pre-70’s) using anything but a wider tubular (25mm+) just looks wrong. Unfortunately there aren’t many classic looking wider options. Most are for cross, whilst very good thenubs and bright colour options don’t look very classic. I haven’t used them as yet but I’ve heard very good things about the Challenge Parigi-Roubaix (27mm) and it certainly looks the part

Some old timers have even mentioned a ride similar to the much revered Clement Campionato del Mondo silks. http://velobase.com/ViewSingleComponent.aspx?ID=4a1117a5-fafc-48af-a0ca-6d3772c72e90 If possible, once in your life ride a bike with hand made silk cased tubulars :wink:

A 1950’s bike with wood rims and skinny 22m tyres just looks wrong. Ask me how I know … :expressionless:

Also, most older bikes were designed for wider tyres and inadvertently many enthusiasts and restorers never really get a true feel for the way their bikes should ride by using modern tyre options which are skinnier than that of days gone by. But I digress :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh. Wood rims. But where are ze spokes spirito?

Rims are unbuilt. Still unsure about which project they’ll go for. As they haven’t any glue on them the tyres are fitted to stretch and cure in a cool, dark place ala old school :sunglasses: :lol:

Doing so also helps to check if the tubular tyre has any slow leaks before using it. Once it’s glued and fitted you’ve little chance of sending it back for replacement if it’s faulty.

It is better to stretch a new tubular over a built wheel. A quick spin will show if it’s round … many have a little bobble which is OK.

as per OP, tufo S3 Pro work for me. think their 22’s.

for the vintage look you are going for i would recommend vittoria rally - cheap, heavy, reliable, easy to get

challenge tubulars are sick if you can get them

the conti sprinter gatorskin is good but probably won’t really look the part

Use the search function. It’s been covered numerous times before.