tubular shamal

anyone got any rough idea what a set of tubular track shamals would cost?

werent there some sold on ebay in geelong for $600 the other month?? only 1 bidder.

I got a pair of Campagnolo Omega tubular rims (32h,non laced), that you can have real cheap if you’re interested. Not as fancy as the Shamals but might keep you from taking out another mortgage… :roll:

thanks but im more keen on the hubs together with the rims - just interested in whether its worth having a look or not

Genuine Track Shamals are as rare as rocking horse droppings and tightly held by their owners. Over the last couple of years I’ve seen only one or two sets of genuine track shams come up on evil-bay and they’ve gone for around the $US800-900 mark (yep, them’s REAL dollars son, which is what, about 2 week’s pocket money for a Melbourne Grammar boy? :evil:)

If my memory is good* Andy White had a road set in VGC a little while ago for around the $550 mark (?) .

With road Shams you can use the front wheel with a change of axle or a bolt-on skewer but the rear needs a hub swap. Miche Primato comes in 16h, Paul Hillbrick brings 'em in in the special drillings for about $160-$170 for a rear hub (you want the low-flange variant to ‘match’ the front hub). I think he will slot them for you for an additional charge. I you want to Phils also come in special drillings, at an additional charge over normal Phil hub price. Your alternative is to use some other 32h track hub and lace to every second hole.

*and it may not be, due to some unfortunate lifestyle choices in the 1980’s :mrgreen:

I’ll sell you my tubular track SHAMALs with race tyres… $1800

That’s the going rate for an uncrashed/undented pair, and I’d be hard pressed to find another pair without having to outlay the same.

Like CC says - people dont sell them if they’ve got them.

The pair in geelong were Miche converted jobs.

I just sold my road clincher pair - buyer opted shifterbikes to convert them for track use = $1200

just get PISTAs - they’re nearly as good. half the price, a thrid the bling.

That figure seems about right.

The thing is though, you have to ask yourself why you need a set of these?

Is it:
a) aesthetics- no problem with this. Expensive thing to hang on the wall though.
b) to match a vintage build- no problem here
c) As a track racing wheelset- please, for US$900.00, there are far more better performing wheels out there for cheaper. As TC says, Campag PISTA’s are great.
d) As a bling street trashing wheelset- stupid idea. low spoke count- need a say more?


With Phils for that, surely?

i’m currently getting my road shamals (clincher) converted to track with the miche hubs. pretty excited about it - apparently their stiffness is second to none.

however, folks around the traps also very highly rate deep Vs for the track. everyone i train with - including a VIS rep - use them for training. damn good wheels, and a damn sight cheaper than anything with campagnolo written on it.

you can get campy pistas for like $900 brand new so im not sure shamals represent good bang for buck these days, but they do look great

IMO Campy Pistas look better than Shamals.

and you have to ask yourself why Campagnolo no longer make deep section aluminium rims with very low spoke counts… :evil:

I have road shamals on one of my bikes - they are the most awesome wheels - they roll really really nicely and are pretty stiff. I’ve got Shifterbikes building me up a set of shamal track tubular rims with a front shamal hub and rear miche that I picked up off ebay a while back pulled apart (and without the rear hub).

All up they should cost me in the region of $500 - $600 but I got a pretty good deal on the rims/front hub/front spokes.

They look better on vintage builds too.


also, with some models of shamals (the earlier ones i think), the spokes are the right length for the miche 16h hubs.

track shamals? $1800 for NOS perhaps. there was a set of tidy looking shamal tracks (proper) on the bay recently that weren’t selling for AU$1k.

yeah i saw those. The (proper) track shamals actually say SHAMAL TRACK on them yeah? Thats what those ones had.

I know I’m going further off topic here, but I have a couple of friends who use Pro Elites or whatever they’re called, the tubular Deep V. They’re both really happy with them. Tyre and rim combined especially, they’re much lighter than the clincher too…

Where would be a good place to find a normal road shamal wheelset? Or even just a rear wheel, ebay? If someone wants to go halves on a set and keep the front one PM me.

someone is selling a set on the cyclingtipsblog noticeboard. of course, they’re the new ones, and aren’t quite as fashionable as the 90s editions…