Tune wheelsets?

Anyone have any experience with these?

I’m looking at the Tune TSR 22 wheelset. Available from Bike24 for $750 shipped. Features are:

  • Tune Mig70 and Mag170 hubs
  • 19mm inner width (24mm outer width), 22mm high rims
  • tubeless compatible
  • 24/28 spokes
  • 1440g (Bike24 says, Tune says 1415g)

Seem like a pretty great deal and fit the bill for a wide tubeless compatible road wheelset at a good weight. It’s considerably cheaper and lighter than Hed Ardennes, and both wider and cheaper than a Shamal C17 or Fulcrum Zero.

There’s not much info around the internets on them. But the Germans seem to like them.


Tune hubs are a nicely made light weight hub but don’t have the best bracing angles.
I have envelope 3.4 to tune mig/mag combo and they flex a little, they also use shims for preload and require a little more service than a traditional hub.

I have no experience with them but am really close to getting a Tune Mig 70/Mag 170 to Hed Belgiums wheelset built so can tell you it’s a good price for a wheelset with those hubs! I just called the local distro and RRP for hubset is $710

If I was to recommend hubs I’d tell people just get WI, dt Swiss or king if I wanted high end.
I have tune but couldn’t recommend them.

Best place to get DT Swiss hubs?

Good advice.

I’d agree that DT Swiss, WI or King will be easier down the track.

Light wheels though diddy!!

Yeah it’s for my roadie and I like to climb, so sub 1500g would be nice. But I also like 28mm tyres and am tubeless-curious. Tune just looked like a pretty good deal at the price.

I’m not looking at spending all that much so if I could keep it under $800 that would be good. So I’m looking at factory built. Not sure I could build up anything for less than $1000k. I can get some Fast Forward F2A with DT 240s for around $800, but not tubeless. Or some Shamal 2-way fit C17s for around $900 on sale are another option. Neutron Ultras can be had for under $650 but I think they’re a bit narrow and not tubeless-compatible. Would like some Easton EA90 SLX but they can’t be had for under $1000.

There is also the Soul 2.0, which is 1290g with 23mm wide (external) rims and US$590 delivered. But not tubeless and I’m not sure about the build quality (my wife has the older version and the old version rear hub isn’t great).

If you got the cash then definitely DT Swiss easier /cheaper to service and more reliable with infrequent servicing than WI or King.

Sorry this isn’t very relevant to you buying tune hubs.

W/Ind hubs are pretty good, but I am not impressed by their preload system, it’s a little rudimentary, just squash it and see… I’d go DT Swiss on every wheel I could, ask your local Zipp dealer about getting a DT350/Course30 wheel set in, factory built, and LBS supplied, and could well be under a grand, not sure on weight though, might not be the lightest, but not anchors, and tubeless friendly, which is cool, but I think a waste of time for road goers

Nah, road tubeless is awesome, particularly as he wants to run 28s with their inherent lower pressures.

yeah, i’m still not totally sold, how low is low on a 28c? 80psi? can run that with tubes ok, rider weight being taken into consideration

I run 65-70, sometimes lower.
Assuming that your tyres and rims work well together (I know that some don’t) I can’t see any drawbacks to road tubeless tbh. Going from Ultremo ZX to One tubeless the grip is just as good, they roll better, and I haven’t had a single puncture.

But anyway, this is off-topic.

tune hubs are cool, meh for owning though as has been said by everyone else.

the fulcrum c17s are an absolutely banger wheelset, while a little more expensive. the bearings in the freehubs shit themselves, so i usually install a second seal in both of them (it’s the same with campy).

chris king hubs are crap. white industries are cool, but yeah, their preload is craptacular.

dt is the bestest for reliability.

i’d buy these

or these if you want to save the four spokes.

i haz a pair of the 460s and they arent horrible.

got time… but are they tubeless ready? that looks to be incredible value though


yeah thats the only drawback

Im using a r460 as a front dynamo wheel- good rims! And cheap

a set of 1 ride old C17s on BNA, might be worth an offer?

eh? the R460 is tubeless compat. Screaming deal for a 19mm inner tubeless rim. 1/4 the price of a stans.

Downgrade marginally to 350 hubs and upgrade spokes to supercomps and get a killer set of wheels for ~AUD$460. Just add tubeless tape and valves. Have to go 32H tho.

well shit me, apparently i can’t read.
the 350/supercomp is also a hot wheelset for the money.