Turbo Trainer VS Rollers

I’m not to sure if this is the right place for this topic? BUT…I’m looking at causing myself some pain indoors.

Turbo trainers appear a fair bit more boring than Rollers, but I can’t get it through my head how there is resistance on rollers to increase your fitness. I can only see that you’ll end up spinning out.

Am I wrong? either way though, what are the pro’s + con’s of both? and what are peoples experiences like with both?

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They do different things. Rollers are good for warm up/warm down, plus working on your form on the bike (not slouching, smooth pedalling).

Trainers allow you to hit specific heart rate zones, or work on low cadence stuff, for extended amounts of time.

If you want to do some epic session with particular heart rate zones, rollers will make life difficult. If you want to get a better position on the bike, trainers have a habit of making you sloppy unless you concentrate.

So, it depends on what you plan to use it for.

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