[TWBD] Cathedral (Sun 24th July)

Here are the details for the next “There Will Be Dirt” ride :

There Will Be Dirt #21

Visiting : Toolangi State Forest, Cathedral Ranges, Mt Margaret Gap
Distance : 155km
When : Sunday 24th July, ~7:00am @ Toolangi
Where : TWBD 21 - Cathedral in VIC, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE
More details : There Will Be Dirt

Another long one with lots of dirt and lots of climbing. This will also be the first TWBD that I’ll ride on a geared bike.

We’ll start from Toolangi and dive straight into the awesome Toolangi/Black Range State Forest and head north to Taggerty before ducking around behind the stunning Cathedral Ranges for a good solid climb up to Mt Margaret Gap (1100-ish metres). Then it’s down to Buxton for a refuel before heading back into the State Forest to go up and over the Black Range again back to Toolangi where we started.

There’ll be about 2750m of climbing (nearly all on dirt) and there’s a very good chance we’ll encounter snow on Mt Margaret so gear up accordingly. There are no easy bailout points once we get on the other side of Black Range and there are only two places to get water and food (Taggerty at 68km and Buxton at 111km. There are NO shops at Toolangi) so be self-sufficient or be prepared to hitchhike home. Make sure you’re equipped to carry enough water and food to get to the next town - there are no other servos or shops or anything to pull into halfway. Mobile phone coverage might be very patchy. A space blanket and emergency rations might not be a bad idea.

I’ll ride to/from the start at Toolangi and treat it as a “transport stage”. Feel free to join me for all or part of that if you like. Because I’m riding to the start, I ask that you contact me so we can swap phone numbers so we can coordinate on the day. I won’t wait around at Toolangi unless you’ve contacted me beforehand to confirm that you’ll be there.

This is going to be an amazing ride. So much dirt… so much climbing…

See ya there!


What’s all this then?

This is a series of road rides where “road” may include smooth bitumen, bike track, potholed country roads, gravel/dirt roads and singletrack, all in the same ride. There may be significant climbs and the distance will be over 100km.

The emphasis is on getting out into the countryside, off the beaten track, the smaller and more obscure the road the better. I’ll be riding a cyclocross bike but all bikes are welcome. Don’t ride something you’re afraid to get dirty. Rides continue rain/hail/shine.

Angry, you have moved beyond even my sadistic tendencies.


You’re the hardest guy I know Angry.

+1. By far.

im in!

I believe Toolangi has a general store/tavern on the Myers Creek Rd near the intersection with Chum Creek Rd.

Nah, just called them to confirm and they said they closed the general store about 12 months ago. It’s just a pub/restaurant now. Nearest shops are kinglake or healesville.

What are the chances of hanging around at said pub/restaurant for dinner that night? This sounds like a great ride for sure!

That mightn’t be a bad idea actually. Probably feel like a beer or two at that point :slight_smile:

I’m picturing this…

From here.

Support vehicles?! Pffffft!

Whoa, hang on, after clicking through the link I see that’s 1921 so they’d be riding fixed, and Pellisier’s running spokane tubeless. In the snow :

Piedmont Velo Sports: 1921 Paris-Tours

That’s well hard.

Angry, are you a Dad?
If you are, do your kids (and/or significant other) think you’re amazing, or just a little bit silly?!

Wife thinks I’m silly but never fails to jump in the sag wagon and pick me up when I need her. Son (Max, 13 months) thinks everything I do is rad (except when I change his bum) and is going to go ballistic when we buy him a bike trailer to ride in this weekend.

Feel like adopting a 26 year old?

wait til he gets to ride in the trailer on your work commute… through darebin ck and yarra trails! :wink:

Hmmm, I finally get time to ride one of these, and it seems like the hardest one to date…Count me in.

might give the mtb a pre-Timor shakedown, in

This is some big boy shit for sure… I’m afraid I might not have the legs for it, I was knackered after nearly 80km at the last gravel grinder. I would like to see the map though, I’ve always wanted to pedal through Toolangi. Perhaps I can do a 50km out and back (100km total). Angry, well done mate, the space blanket and emergency rations is a nice touch.

Wow, looks like we’ll have a decent group for this one.

Yeah, by all means, do as much or as little as you like. Here’s the map :

MapMyRIDE - Viewing TWBD 21 - Cathedral

Toolangi -> Buxton -> Toolangi will give you about 100km of riding. Probably wouldn’t be hard to convince some others to join you for that.