[TWBD] Swollen Dinner Bag (Sun 12th Sep)

Here are the details for the next “There Will Be Dirt” ride :

There Will Be Dirt #14

Visiting : Mt Dandenong, Mt Donna Buang, Toolangi, Kinglake
Distance : ~210km
When : Sunday 12th September, 7am @ Fed Square
Where : http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/TWBD-14-Swollen-Dinner-Bag
More details : http://therewillbedirt.blogspot.com

This is a big ride - I want to cram as much as possible into one day. We’ll see Basin-Olinda Rd climb, Silvan Road descent to the dam, Don Rd and then Donna Buang climb (weather permitting), Long Gully up to Toolangi, on up to Kinglake and then Bald Spur, Hildebrand, Mine Rd before cutting down to Hurstbridge and then 'burbs all the way back into the city.

That’s the full route but we can change it up on the day depending on how we feel and what the weather’s doing e.g. probably won’t push all the way to the summit of Donna Buang if there’s too much snow. Also note, there are plenty of bailout points where you can jump on the train if you like. No prizes for first place and no penalties if you cut it short - bite off as much as you want!

Whichever way you cut it, there’ll be a lot of distance and a lot of climbing - we’ll be racing against nightfall from the very start and it’s highly likely we won’t finish the whole thing in time even if we try. It’ll be kinda like a naughty dog trying to scoff a whole birthday cake from the kitchen counter when you go out of the room for two minutes.

Except the dog has wheels, the cake is made of dirt and two minutes is more like twelve hours.

See ya there!


What’s all this then?

This is a series of road rides where “road” may include smooth bitumen, bike track, potholed country roads, gravel/dirt roads and singletrack, all in the same ride. There may be significant climbs and the distance will be over 100km.

The emphasis is on getting out into the countryside, off the beaten track, the smaller and more obscure the road the better. I’ll be riding a fixed-gear (or single-speed!) cyclocross bike but all bikes are welcome. Don’t ride something you’re afraid to get dirty. Rides continue rain/hail/shine.

Probably in, depending on uni.
Shit, that’s a long day on a cross bike.

i feel the fear… and i like it.

Looks good.

Could I meet you guys on Canterbury rd? Cuts off an extra 25k plus I could sleep in!

Yep, no worries tom. PM me where on Canterbury and we’ll look out for you.

Excited for this. Forecast is partly cloudy with a max of 17… not too bad

Mt Donna Buang hasn’t seen snow since the 27th though :frowning:
And it looks like the road is open

If i manage to control the bloated amount of words due in the week of the 12th im still in for this. Looks to be a good one.

Yeah, weather’s shaping up ok. Dunno about the road being open - if it is then hopefully it’s been cleared and we won’t be jumping fallen trees, cyclocross style.

I was boozing it up in Seville yesterday (first father’s day - rock!) and Donna Buang looked very big, very grumpy and very cold.

I can’t wait!

you guys are all insane.


I couldn’t do that shit.
I mean, not without drinkin’ the whole time.

there’s an idea?

Too fucken right ELLEPEA
We should organise a booze-cruise for summer times.
I got well drunk on my last one.
thrw up some peices, drank some ‘burbon flavoured cola’ (wwas well cheap) and had a smashing time.
Smashing, cos I got to smash some shit, amirite?
Then there was an angry maori guy, oh the fun!

This would have been great. I’m out with some bad knee pain. Haven’t been able to ride more then 30 kms without totally blowing out…

This may be of interest, I was up at Mt Donna Buang Sunday last week and the road down to the Healsville side (the dirt one) was closed because of snow.

I imagine the rain on the weekend may have done away with the snow by now. . . I’m sure it won’t bother you.

if your in that area the Acheron Way up the other side of Donna Buang, is a good dirt climb.

Ah, bummer. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Thanks nurbs. To my knowledge, the dirt road up Donna Buang is subject to “seasonal road closure” i.e. it’s closed to cars over winter no matter what the conditions. I agree, snow probably won’t be a problem but I’m guessing the road will be a mess of fallen branches and trees.

Acheron Way sounds good. One day… :slight_smile:

I did the Acheron Way up from the Marysville end on a road bike in the wet a month or so ago, it wasn’t to bad on 23mm tires - even though it was quite muddy it wasn’t deep and there was enough gravel to get a grip. It’s fantastic riding amongst tree ferns the size of a small house.

Nice. Might try it this summer - maybe train to Lilydale, Warby trail, Don Rd, Donna Buang, Acheron Way, Maroondah Hwy back to Healesville for beers at the brewery and then back to Lilydale and snooze on the train on the way home.

This Sunday, 7am Fed Sq. Forecast is 18 and mostly sunny - lovely weather for a long ride in the hills…

I suspect I may be out for this one. Words keep pilin.

At least ~25% of that ride had to be uphill (excluding rolling hills etc!)

Few crappy pics: