[TWBD] Yarra Trails, Skyline Rd, Yarra Glen (Sat 10th Oct)

Here are the details for the next “There Will Be Dirt” ride :

There Will Be Dirt #7

Visiting : Yarra Trails, Eltham, Skyline Rd, Yarra Glen
Distance : ~130km
When : Saturday 10th October, 7am @ Fed Square
Where : http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/TWBD7-Dirt-Nap
More details : http://therewillbedirt.blogspot.com/

The last few rides have been short on dirt so I figure we’ve got some catching up to do if we want to stay true to the name “There Will Be Dirt”. Also this is the last ride before the big Warrny finale so I wanted to do something more cruisy and fun to lighten the mood a little.

So, we’ll start by heading straight out to the Boulie and hit the ghetto cross track for one or two laps. Then we’ll chase roadies for the remainder of the Boulie and duck down onto the Main Yarra Trail for a while. After Burke Road we’ll hit the singletrack (mostly) all the way to Westerfolds Park. Nice. We’ll cross the footbridge and hit roadie territory again as we roll through Eltham, Research and Kangaroo Ground before making a right onto Henley Road and then, the set-piece for this ride, Skyline Road. I’ve never ridden it but all indications point to fantastic views of the Yarra Valley and we can even pop up and check out Sugarloaf Reservoir if we feel like it.

From the end of Skyline Road we could make the steep descent down to Yarra Glen on the main road but, when mapping this ride, I discovered a shortcut which will take us down in half the time in the form of “Breakneck Road”. With a name like that, this road simply must be ridden!

We’ll get lunch and whatnot in Yarra Glen, have a breather and then do it all again in reverse. Too easy.

This ride is shorter on distance and longer on fun terrain so it should be a nice cruisy day on the trails. If you have to bail out there’s plenty of train stations along the way. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to work out the kinks on your ghetto cross machines. After a whole day of gravel and singletrack you’ll be ready to smash the ghetto cross course like a champ!

See ya there!


What’s all this then?

This is essentially a series of road rides where “road” may include smooth bitumen, bike track, potholed country roads, gravel/dirt roads and possibly some singletrack. There may be significant climbs and the distance will probably be over 100km.

The emphasis is on getting out into the countryside, into less bike-friendly places and testing yourself, not racing. I’ll be riding a fixed-gear but all bikes are welcome. Don’t ride something you’re afraid to get dirty. Rides continue rain/hail/shine.

I’ll run one of these a month through winter. Feel free to join me or try the rides at your leisure. Or just sit back and heckle.

My new bike better be built by then!

If not, “snot rocket” ftw :slight_smile:

This sounds like my kind of ride!
Would a road bike with 25c tyres and mudguards be okay?

Yep, no worries, you can tow us on the roadie bits :stuck_out_tongue:

D: this looks cool, but i doubt my 29er will be rdy in time…
can always chuck the cx tires on the steamroller i guess haha but that would probs be shit

No way that’d be awesome. I’ve ridden my old steamroller around these trails with 28mm tires plenty of times. More fun than pissing in bed.

Yeah i think i might have to go on this one.

here’s the gradients for Breakneck road. enjoy getting back up that! :evil:

it’s only 1.3kms (or so)… a good run-up will get you some of the way

20 percent grades? i hope you like walking!

Jeez, it didn’t look that steep in the Melways :-o

Sunny 19 degrees forecast for tomorrow. What more could you ask for? I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be than tooling around the countryside on my bike in the sunshine.

7am Fed Square, see ya there!

i think i’ll come. will see how far i’ll get on 23c’s, with a couple of spare tubes

new bike got built, guess ive run out of excuses not to go… :wink:

I shall see you guys there. Although i might pull out at westerfolds. Feelin pretty shagged this week.

decided to go on this now. wooo
cant wait :d

I am going to have to bail from this one fellas. My body is wreaked.

this ride was a hard one!

looking forward to angry’s report.