// Two Pot Squealer // 20 March 2016

Plenty self explanatory. From the two pot screamer of old, come the two pot squealer. Its just a relaxed pub run. Looking to get together as much old crew together as we can for a ride and drinks. Gear Shop has been open over 7 years now and there have been many come & gone. I’m going to try and reach out to as many as I can. Hoping you all can make it as well!

March 20th - 3:30pm - Meeting at Gear Shop in West End.


Sounds great, good notice, booking in, cheers.

Cheers m8. Looking forward to beering with you.


will try and come along!


Yew. Thanks for dropping past Gear the other day mate! Look forward to beering with you also


I should be there.

i still lurk occasionally…

whip cunce

keen still

PS my sunday funday form has been excellent lately

Been stooged by compulsory family do starting at 2… so grumpy

^^ shit excuse m8

In - Sunday Funday

Out. Torn hip flexor and other life priorities. :frowning: