two ride invites.

  1. on easter saturday i’ll be doing a longer ride. maybe up around 160ks, with hills. lycra and roadies necessary, unless you’re well hard. leaving brunswick around 10. possible route here:

  1. on easter sunday i’ll be rising from the dead on col d’ugly, doing hill efforts and practicing for the roobaix. possible on any bike, wearing anything. even your party dress. leaving brunswick around 1 / meeting at the col around 1.30.

you are invited.

Epic, I would like to join you but I’m too soft.

practicing for the roobaix.

I thought this usually involved riding to a couple of coffee shops, finishing with a beer.
Or are there bragging rights involved.

Damnit. I’d join you on Sat but I’m in need of a 9sp Shimano rear wheel. Mine doesn’t spin so well with 25 spokes.

Down for Col d’Ugly though.

I love it Brendan. Your so fuckin competitive. “I am going to win the Roubaix”

I might be down for Saturday, unless i am in Woodend chilling and Mountain biking so dont wait for me.

well, i can’t let matty win it twice…

you know, not that it’s a race or anything. cause it’s not.

In for Sat. Wheel acquired.

thank you brendan.

any race plans will be thwarted on the start line - you’ll see.

see, this is what i love about the roobaix.

Ladies, I’m taking this shit down. . . . again. I even have my Ambrosios on my “bike of the North”.

Just pumped out a lazy 217kms into a head wind today with time for a quick coffee at the Portsea general store.

Should be a 650km weekend by all accounts. See you Sunday. :evil: :evil:

arghhhh makes my 300km satarvo/sunmorn sound like a piece of piss… damn you guys!

Ripped from TC’s site but that would make us about even now. See you Sunday XBrendizzleXox :wink:

Roobaix training?! Who’s heard of such a thing?

arghhhh makes my 300km satarvo/sunmorn sound like a piece of piss… damn you guys!

Epic effort Sime. especially if you’re not used to the distance. Sunday will be the hardest day. Remember, once you get to Kerri it’s ALL down hill. Enjoy.

talk like this just makes papa trackcunt give you a harder handicap… whatever those handicaps might be.

:evil: I can win fron scratch :evil:

(mega :wink:)

i’ll be on your wheel like pozatto on boonen.

i used to work there :slight_smile:

weapon of choice-

Are they Lightweight Track Standards? Interesting choice.

if you enlarge the image, you’ll see the tyres are 26" hookworms. i just wanted an excuse to post the image really, thought it was pretty cool.

Wow, totally different bike when I enlarged it. Good choice.

i might come ride up the hill. what’s the street address? i can’t remember