TWO thoughts...

upon a bit of clear reflection today, thought number three has been pulled… :slight_smile: i love all/most bikes (especially fixed ones) and shouldnt be so precious about opening windows on gallerys.

so today i had three thoughts that some of you might like to comment on… i’ll put them in order and at what time (approx) they occured to me

  1. 6:40am.
    i did some laps of the boulevard this morning and one particular decent i felt myself piercing through the air with unfamiliar efficiency… and i got to thinking about facial hair. i have a tiny bit of growth on my face at the mo… and i always like to extrapolate ideas so i thought maybe i was experiencing some kind of tennis ball fuz effect, something like trapping a slow moving layer of air around my face so the oncoming air sailed right over the top of it. then i thought about sean eadie and was sold on the idea of growing my beard longer for max TFE (tennis-ball fuzz effect) at speeds in excess of 50km/h
  2. 4.50pm i always say “f^&*ing taxis, i f^&*ing hate taxis” whereas the gerenal public seems to say “f%^&*in bike riders”… assigning the blame to the people… i like to think of the bad things on the road as the machines, not the people.

What is the 3rd thought…you only wrote 2!

Around 2 times a year I will sport a beard, and I always think its a grand idea until I realise I look like an idiot.

I don’t hate taxis as much anymore, its tradesmen in ute that I dislike.

Yes I too have noticed the tennis ball fuzz effect. I have a beard (not quite as good as sean eddie but not just a goat either). Problem is during accelleration it creats drag and is really only effective until you reach that optimal speed of 45kph and above. For around town stop start riding you are probably better off clean shaven. For highway cruising or track work go the beard!

random beard observation

Beards are weird. If I ride when it’s really cold, I get this condensation effect happening, where if I ride for longer than five minutes at a reasonable pace, my beard ends up wet.