two track frames and a tri-spoke.

53cm track frame.
Track Frame. 53cm | eBay

60cm eric henden track frame.
Eric Hendren Track Frame. 60cm | eBay

Carbon Tri Spoke Rear Wheel | eBay

trispok’ a bit ugz…lol, whats it like to ride a 56 top, 53 seat? wonder who built it…

With the seatpost set up high (eg 56x56) it effectively lowers the position of the bars, so it’ll ride like a pursuit frame. My bike is something like a 52 (seat) x 55 (top tube), so i get down pretty low when in the drops.

Bargain on that Eric Hendren. My size too. :stuck_out_tongue:

designed for monkeys.

Do it rooster
too big for me

henden frame is gone anyone here?

Good buying on this from the same seller:

Vetta Road Bike Frame 56cm | eBay

+1 on that ^

F(ale) Moser is long TT, short ST. Rides fine.

That Hendren was a bargain.

Yeah good buying.

erle dont you need a 53 ill go you halve ill take the cranks you get the frame $75 each ill post the frame to you.

Got it sorted Dayne, would be tempted otherwise though.

Would have if I didn’t have a custom coming!