Tyre advice

Hi all,

finalising a build for my wife - just need tyres and tubes.

Can anyone offer advice re: which tyres and where to buy, in Melb? Black, road-use (fixed), durable and safe (and $60 bux ideally, but will pay more if much better).

I have been looking at:

Rubino Pro2($49.95)
Gatorskins (Ultra Gators?) ($79.95)
Fortezza TriComp Tyre ($66)

Any advice would be great. She is pretty $ conscious so it would really help if anyone has any cheaper sources.

Thanks in advance guys,


Check ebay for Rubinos, should be able to find some for about 60-70 clams or less a pair. You might also look for Zaffiros if you want a tough tyre. Ultragators’ will run you closer to $100 a pair. Fortezza Tricomps are meant to be more of a race tyre, the others you list will generally be tougher.

I hate to send money off shore but you can’t beat it, spend a bit extra to make it to $110 and you postage is free.


Totally do that.

Also, if she’s just doing “normal” riding, maybe get some 25’s instead of 23’s.

Great advice guys. Thanks heaps.

I would buy off shore but I’d really prefer to keep the $ within Aus and I need them pretty soon. (Before the weekend).

Are ultra gators for $79 each a good deal? The other option is GP4000 S (folding) for 70 bux each.

Or Zaffiros for 49 each! AHH! too many choices, not enough time.

No. But if you need them by the weekend, your choices are limited.
If you want a cheaper price, but delivered from Australia, try these guys:


Thanks hjb1000.

I think I’ll order some Rubinos from Wiggle, unless anyone thinks that they are not a good buy. Only 17 bux each. So expensive here and the wait shouldn’t be too long.

Is it worth paying an extra 40/tyre for Duranos?

And sorry to be a pain but any tube recommendations? :evil:

If you don’t want punctures . . . ever. . . . . even when you’ve skidded through both the black layer and the blue layer.

Can confirm, Durano Plus are so awesome to the max, when talking about puncture resistance. Ive had mine for months and am now just down to the blue layer and havent had one puncture yet.
There are some pretty big slashes in the tyre that would have normally destroyed a regular tyre/tube, but the Duranos have survived.
Ive got the 700x25c and would highly recomend them.

Thanks for the advice guys. I am getting her some 700x23’s from Wiggle (They have run out of 25’s). 55 bux each.

:slight_smile: Adam.


schwable lugano’s
budget road tyre, 39 each
been comuting on them for a few years…excellent value for money, and cheap to replace after skidz.