Tyre clearance with road calipers

Hey Guys, just picked up a steamroller frame i know it clears 38c tyres just asking to see if anyone has run wide tyres on this frame with road calipers?

Ive got shimano 5700 105 ones currently was thinking of some 32c cyclocross tyres

any insite on your experiences would be awesome!


Looks like they need a 57mm drop caliper, what a lot of people call “long” these days, but also known as “standard”.

Try the 105 brakes, they might fit with the pads at the bottom of the slots but otherwise you’ll need to get some longer reach jobbies. Tektro do some cheap ones and Shimano do some good ones (bit more $$ tho).

I’ve run 32 slicks with Tektro long reach road calipers on my Steamroller. Currently running 28 mm tires, fenders and Paul Racer M calipers.

I could be easily persuaded to let go of my tektro long reach calipers (just sayin’)

Tektro do long and then they do looong. R539s are 47-57mm reach. R559s are 55-73mm reach; I run 559s on a few bikes including my everyday bike and I reckon they’re pretty great with Koolstop pads. Cycling Deal and Wiggle have them now. You can buy them individually from Cycling Deal which is cool if you’re building up an old nutted brake frame because you can buy two front recessed brakes (then you run the rear one nutted, and drill out the rear of the crown to fit a recessed brake nut).

This will teach you what you need to know about brake reach. If the 105s reach, then you won’t get much more clearance out of any replacements.

thanks for the link, i haven’t tried the 105’s yet will do tonight. the link you posted said they may work. i’ll try putting the brake shoes all the way down.

cheers i’ll keep that in mind, i may have a set lined up if need be. good to know i can run fenders too!

cheers pete thanks for the info. this frame has a recessed brake bridge on the rear so that could be an option. :smiley: