Tyre for on AND off road use

Trying to find something that’s reasonably fast on the street so i can ride to work, but i also want to go to the dirt jumps after work and ride on them.
Currently have maxxis larson TTs, which aren’t the worst tyre for the road but still pretty hard to ride on.
I was thinking about the halo twin rails, but they are pretty heavy at 770g each

Just put a pair of twin-rails on my son’s bike…he loves 'em.

How much clearance do you have…if you’re looking at twin rails I’m guessing you could run 2.1? Conti town & country might be worth a look too, I had a pair for a time and happily beat the p!ss out of them commuting and on trails. Maybe have a look at Schwalbe big apples in liteskin if you’re not getting dirty in the wet…drop the pressure a bit for off-road.

I ran Maxxis Holy Rollers on my last ss/mtb and they were great. Check the reviews on CRC.

Try Maxxis Crossmarks. They are quite fast rolling and can handle off-road.
Not the best tyre for the front though, but your choices are always going to be a compromise.
…or maybe have a look around for some semi slick mtb tyres. Not as common as they use to be.

See if you can track down some Kenda Small block 8s

+1 Great tire for on/off road.

26"? I’d go DMR moto RT over the kenda, purely for slightly better grip on the road in the wet. Kendas seem to slip like ice at the slightest bit of moisture.

hmm, the maxxis tyres are all around 400 - 500g, which is pretty decent, although they all only go up to 65psi.
kendas go up to 80, but they are also a bit more expensive.

Tioga FS100.
I had these on a bike a few years ago, and they went really well on groomed trails and roll quite well.
They come in a variety of sizes also.

I think moccos is probably right, don’t people rock that tire or at least tread pattern on their bmx’s? And bmx’s go everywhere (cept up hills)

I like where Moccos and Dylan are going - Schwalbe Table Top.

I use to ride these when my commute was half road half off road fire trial and they worked pretty well. They took a bit to get up to speed on the road but have a massive bag and take jumps really well.

Intense MK2. Super fast on the road and dirt - will need a reasonably (BMX Track) clean set of trails though.

Thread dig.

Technical question: riding knobby tyres on road, will the knobs last longer with higher pressures or lower?

E.g. Kenda SB8s, Panaracer Crossblasters, that kind of thing - 30k on bitumen each way to get to dirt tends to destroy the tread pretty quickly. I was thinking pumping them up to 80psi for the road would help (less deformation etc) but maybe that just helps grid the knibs off.

Interesting question. I’d say that low pressure on bitumen has kind of a grinding effect to the profile and that effectivly more “knobs” are in contact with the road. I tend to ride whatever feels more comfortable which are low pressures. A bit more than on just dirt but not that much more either. I rather “destroy” my tires a bit sooner then taking the car to get to the dirt. I also dont like to change my tires just because I’m doing a 50ks road ride with them with my girl so at the end of the day no I dont like that they wear our faster but am happy to pay the price.