Tyre sidewall sizing

So I’m putting my new wheels and Tyres on my bike and found my new tioga 700c x30s scrub out on the forks…is going to a 700c x25 gonna make a difference or is the size for width of the tyre only? Will the 25 have a lower profile?

Yep, it will be lower profile.
I had the same problem after the bike shop put a low clearance fork on my shit bike, so I have to run a thinner front now.

Sweet… Thanks

I had the same problem with my 700x23 tyres. Thought about changing to a 700x20 but that would’ve made for a very hard ride. I found running the front at a (slightly) lower pressure helped and haven’t had a problem since.

But if that doesn’t work for you, a 700x25 will definitely solve your problem and you might find that size better anyway and change the back over as well

rubbing on 23’s?? what frame are you on

the table heremight be of assistance

25s solved the problem…thanks again