Tyres, Hookless rims, boom?

Hey. Soooo,

Just wondering, SimWorks recommend that you don’t use their tyres on hookless rims. I cant work out whether that is them being cautious and it should be fine, or that you’ll probably die if you do it.

I have the Hunt X Mason 650b wheels that use H-lock. They are super vague as to whether classifies it as hookless. When asked if they are Hookless, they respond “It’s H-Lock!” Which is unhelpful.


tubeless? AFAIK not as big a deal with tubes.

Those rims are aluminium, so unlikely they’re hookless as that’s a thing for carbon rims to make them stronger

H-lock is the tubeless shelf I’m guessing, different thing.


You can see the hook in the sidewall profile, and the H-Lock shelf on the rim bed.

and FWIW I was running WTB Byways on hookless carbon rims, tubeless, down to some VERY low pressures after a slow tubeless seal leak and the tyre didn’t roll or blow off. But anecdote is not data.

Ya, ok so mine are hooked. I didn’t see that slide. They had another page where they kinda explain it, but use a hookless profile in the pic. Right.

Well. If i ever get hooked rims, good to know ill probably be fine.


they are prob being cautious, would think only a problem at low pressure, they might not use term hookless also as it’s a licensed word, like 2bliss, tubeless etc
sim works are made by panaracer anyways aren’t they, they’ve been making tyres for a while, incl lots of gravel tyres, will b fine
they can b a pain to get tubeless though, in certain tyre/rim combos