Tyres - Pirelli P Zero Velo /4S

Thinking about trying dome P xero velo, has anyone already got a few Km’s in on these tyres.
how do they rate in comparison to Vittoria and contis?


There’s a bit of info here: http://www.bicycles.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=95532&p=1425104&hilit=pirelli#p1425104

Timely discussion.
I threw a pair on when I got back from Tassie as I had gone through a trio Vittoria Corsa G+ while in Tasmania.
Punnies making me lose my mind even though I loved the look of them and how they felt on the road (two were about 500km old and one was about 2,000km old).

So I’m about 250kms into the Pirelli tires now (running 25s).
My impressions are that they’re easy to get on the rim, they feel very good in the hand (which isn’t really a big deal).
I like the way they feel on the road though. Stable, supple and confidence inspiring. They feel as fast as my old Vittoria tires and possibly a bit grippier in the corners. Nice and responsive on climbs, fast in a straight line - they just feel really grippy. I don’t have a better way to quantify it. I’ll report back if they start to piss me off though, however I really like them so far.

cheers, Those graphs on the links you posted were a good help!

Oh nice, thats what i like to hear!!! cheers luke!

And updates on this Luke? I am sick of my Corsas, 2 flats on the last 3 rides and they are a pain to seat properly. I need new tires.

I think they’re a go-er.
Feel best at higher-ish pressures, can feel a bit too sticky (ie not fast) at lower pressures.
So far they’ve had excellent puncture resistance too. I’ve ridden a disappointingly large volume of glass and debris over the past few weeks. Things that would have slashed, punctured or cut my Corsas. They seat easily too.

Thanks Luke, will check them out!

Im loving mine! super fast rolling and no punctures yet from the great deal of glass littered on sydney streets lately.

Awesome to hear Cam! Put mine on yesterday which was the easiest mounting procedure ever and will take them for their first ride tomorrow. Excited!