Tyres - Specalized "FATBOYS" 26x1.25 Slicks

Ladies, Gents,

Just thought I’d inform on these tyres. They’re great. High Pressure tyre [100 PSi] 170 TPi full slick. I run my SS on road only, I see 9-5 Monday - Friday on the City streets so I have no real need for X-country or Dirt/Mud tyre. They have excellent cut protection; most recently I ran over a car window or something like that, little bits of glass all over the road - no cuts, no flat, nothing to speak of. I’m getting about 1800 kilometres from a set - rotating front-to-rear. They are super sticky, give heaps of grip, good feedback and aren’t that bad in the rain. They have this Armadillo (sp?) weave built in which stops punctures. Last year I ran over a syringe on a bikeway - it when in all the way to the plastic bit at the base, the tire seemed to bend the needle, when I pulled it out there was just a hole, no flat.

The only real problem with the tyre is that when ‘new’ they are far from confidence inspiring. They need a good 60 k’s on them to ‘bed in’.



Fixies came, from hell, I had to kick the devil in the nuts to steal mine from him…

Much better…

Yo! That made total mad sense. Yo! Gansta!

Yeah man, it’s all good. I want to go for another ride with you.