U17 Riding on the Road

Should U17s be allowed to ride on the road?

One of my colleagues asked my opinion on this and I didn’t actually realise that they were allowed at this point (In Canberra anyway).

My opinion: Not unless they have an adult with them. I think until they have a good solid grasp on the road rules that it would be fairly risky to have U17s on the road.


It’s currently illegal in NSW for 13 and older to ride on the footpath. That is, the only LEGAL place to ride is on the road.


I quit bikes from 13-17, didn’t you, Joni?

Also FUCK talking to people at work about cycling, eh!

Nah, had to get around somehow. Had a shitty 10-speed with non-functioning brakes til I got my license.

We have little kids (under 12) tearing around our street (a moderately quiet cul-de-sac) with no helmets or shoes. Unfortunately, even in a place as cycle friendly as Canberra, there are places with no bike paths or even sidewalks.

Heck, I flew a plane solo before I was 17 and before I’d even driven a car solo, so riding can’t be that bad.

The original Premium Rush

They were talking at me.

In CBR you are allowed to ride on footpaths… no matter what your age. NSW is dumb.

Being from Europe I have to ask that question. Is this a serious question? Does the law in Australia doesnt allow them to ride on the road??? For real? No wonder the cycling culture is that bad. THIS is how you learn how to behave in traffic. At least this is how it works anywhere in the world but Australia. I rode my bike to primary school on the road.

I delivered medicine for a pharmacy from 14 to 17, was sweet! Rode all over the place getting twenty
Cent tips. In fact, one time someone referred to me as a courier. Didn’t know what that was so googled it. FIRST EXPOSURE TO FIXIES. Now here I am. What a ride.

Whoa. Imagine what it would be like to have had google when you were 14? We were lucky. We had Encarta. Google that

OMG so did I, well from 12 - 14. On a BMX. $2 bucks an hour, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week. Those were the days.

When I was 12 it was 1989 and the only people that had computers were the 3 richest kings in Europe.

Must have been hard trying to find Premium Rush in Encyclopedia Britannica.

nah it was later in my career, so was probs like 2006. Love fixies.

I had an Amstrad 286, but I knew nothing so I decided to go through the DOS manual alphabetically. I was going OK till I got to F for Format.

As did I, but i used to just go home between jobs and have a sandwich or hang out because if i went back to the shop i had to sort out/clean the prescription shelf or vacuum. Doing skids is way better than that.

Got $20 for 6hrs work. pretty sure that was illegal even at that time… didnt care.

When I started racing alleycats someone referred to a group of us as fakengers and i politely pointed out that i did my first run at age 13… and it was drugs (so even more #messlegit).

Hahaha, I love where this ended up.

In oxford the other day I saw the whole fam out on the road, the kids were like 7-8. Bus right behind them. Baller.

Pretty sure Google was called “Encarta” back then


can something have a name // an identity if it doesn’t exist?