UCI getting it wrong... IMO

so i read yesterday that the UCI has banned skinsuits in DH racing next year. I didnt read their reasons for it, and cant really imagine any other than teh kind of stuff the Rachel Atherton said after getting beaten by Tracey Mosely at the canberra world cup…

“Tracey is so strong and you know that she is willing to wear skinsuits and the like to win. I gave it my best shot and came out in second. I guess it is good enough for the points but I wanted to win at the end of the day.”

Moseley’s skinsuit was a point of contention for Atherton who believes that skill, training and bike set-up should dictate who wins, not clothing. “It is a bit of a touchy subject,” Atherton believes. "If you ask any of the girls, you don’t see them busting out skinsuits 'cause that’s not what we feel like doing. If you win we want it to be on skill and training and stuff like that.

“Fair enough to Tracey if she wants to do that to win, but for the sport and the longevity of the sport, to wear cool race kit and to make an image for yourself is more important than the odd win here and there.”

I cant believe Atherton thinks wearing baggy shorts and shirts, exposed shin guards or whatever else is enhancing her and her sports image… she looks like a guy and it doesnt look fast either… it doesnt look cutting edge or extreme, it looks like shit you wear when you’re eight and you take your bmx over the doubles for the first time. MTB in tight shit is ace, and taking it away from the downhillers is sending it backwards… and the mtb world cup doesnt need to be taking any steps backward at the moment. “We want to win on training and skill and stuff like that”… you’ve got to be kidding me.

Hahah classic.

Yeah I was going to do some training and develop some skills this season, but instead I decided to just wear a skin suit…

pics of said skin suit?

here’s the suit that’s getting DHs rep down:

and here’s what’s going to save it:

Girls … ha!

Foxy Boxing is better.

skins helped me win skid vicious. no lie :wink:

Clothing is equipment, so is the bike. Bikes evolve, the clothing should too. Perhaps the UCI should just dictate that no bikes or equipment made after 1870 can be used and force everyone back onto penny-farthings.

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haha awesome. where is that t-shirt from?