ugliest team jersey ever.

XL - Nalini MaxiSport Castorama Raleigh Team Jersey | eBay

I think it is kind of awesome! There are worse ones out there in my opinion.

no way … Castorama is cool !!

i think nearly all cycling jerseys, team or otherwise, are kinda ugz

yeah, if you’re punky brewster.

Got nothing on Rock Racing.

That Castorama kit looks like some weird kids outfit in a Sydney Road, Bombonierrie shop!

Agreed- Rock Racing is terrible

End of thread.

oh man, there was a reason i’d forgotten about that kit.

Yeh, footon-serveto is hands(feet?)down the worst kit EVAH!

I need one of those footon-servetto ones, for the lolz.
Also, why couldn’t the footon guys use a metallic vinyl for the ‘gold’ jersey?
Oh yeah, sweat factor.
What about a black jersey with gold vinyl bits?


Italian Camo hahaha

The jersey with black knicks would only be a little wrong, the knicks there are no words…

There is only one photo of my gold lycra, it is an experiment that should never be repeated!

Beam me up Scotty…

They look as bad as the 80s New Zealand cricket team

Made me think of this:

There is a dude in adelaide who rocks a shiny silver skin suit with no chamois on his tribike… used to see him on jetty road all the time. Arghh my eyes!

anything with red shorts: