Ulocks on a plane

Airport security staff aren’t too concerned when you take a kryptonite lock as carry on luggage. Sorta scary

I could picture you as a terrorist, mckenny… :evil:

They are if you’re flying from London to Australia. Mate of mine got his taken by security in Heathrow. Also got a warning about having a spare sprocket in his carry on…

Lucky he didn’t try and hi-jack the plane with a 17t Phil Wood cog.

Mad photoshop skillz I tell you…

I plan on carrying two of them on from Austin to Melbourne in two weeks, I hope they don’t start caring them. I don’t want them in my checked bags due to the weight.

I wouldnt count on it!!
I’ve has a skate tool taken away and that thing is 99% plastic.

I flew a mini-u in carry on SFO->SYD recently. I asked Qantas at check in and they thought it was ok. So did the rentacops at homeland security.

after declaring your undercarriage bag, and it’s been weighed do you think it’d be possible to go ‘oh i was meant to put these in’ and slip the u-lock in the undercarriage? they definately look a lot lighter than they are…

You say cog, I say ninja star

phil wood is a most badass ninja name i have ever heard

I got all the way to suburban KL last year with my leatherman

in the bottom of my briefcase (not deliberately, I had torn the house apart looking for the fucking thing the day I left)

found it jammed in the bottom of the case when I was looking for a pen. I might not have hijacked the aeroplane with it but I possibly could have used it to fashion a new plane out of shoelaces, airsick bags and some dinner trays.

I have previously been pinged for nail clippers, a tiny screwdriver that came with my glasses and a folding umbrella, but I was once let through in HK with a cigar cutter key fob after demonstrating to the rentacop guy what it did.

What were you going to do, go around terrorising pilots’ willies?

What were you going to do, go around terrorising pilots’ willies?

only the catholic pilots :wink:

That’s a pretty thick cockpit door to beat down.

Zoe had her Krypto mini confiscated at Melbourne airport on the way to SF/Vancouver a few weeks ago, fortunatly after a bit of distress/persuasion, she was allowed to pass it back to her farewell party (not normal procedure), it was a close call and it didn’t make the trip, she had to buy another one to use during her trip.


8 days until we head back to Melbourne… I’m getting nervous about my wife and I carrying them on the plane. But due to how much stuff we’re bringing back we really can’t take the weight penalty to have them in our checked bag. I hope since they’re brand new in the packaging they just let them go. They’re the Kryptonite Mini U-locks so they don’t look that menacing.

think your gonna get one of these on? Fahgettaboudit!


lol, see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: cheapest i’ve seen btw…