Ultech Concorde - Perth Gumtree

and another cheapie, seems big…58-ish?

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damn!!! where are all these things coming from…

According to a post on bna in ebay thread, this sold for $40 on gt and is being flipped quick. Is it just a tawanese build?

you mean is it a paint job on a crap frame or an original concorde?

i know the lower to mid range models had ultech drop outs and forks etc.

Eyelets and reflectors.

Lifted from BNA

Maybe PM cray and ask him

how the fuck did i miss the eyelets…i am dissapoint =(

eyelets are all the rage these days

eyelets allow you to fit a front rack and put a backpack on it

with no eyelets you have to strap your backpack to the seatpost