ultimate frame???

hey guys was just wondering what everyone thoughts were on the best frame
if you could have any frame what would it be.

and on a second note anybody know where i can get a surly fixxer???

Ti Baum, made to measure.


What are you using it for? Or is it just a general question asking for peoples opinions?

For fixed I quite like these.

As for road, I tend to agree with the above (Baum), They could probably make a sweet track frame too. :wink:

they do. they are light as fuck, but still have those classic lines. big fan.

but now i’m in this thread, i’d like a BT Blade, thanks. or a Look 496.

oh god yes

Cliched as it now is… i’d take a vanilla with custom bar/stem and post. let sascha go all out.

i would be happy to settle for a hufnagel/sachs/ryan as well.

All the frames I lust after are owned by collectors, worth a lot of money and hardly ever ridden so I’m gonna make my own “vintage” frame using late 50’s - early 60’s lugs and NOS Reynolds (round track fork blades !!!) from the same period. I might even use the old Baldini headbadge as it echoes my hairstyle.

Sorry hipsters … It’s probably not gonna have a trispoke and riser’s with oury grips :stuck_out_tongue:

Nagasawa Road. custom fitted by the man himself

I don’t really know about frames and what’s good and what not so good at a technical level -
I just know that asthetically - I think this is mad!

looks like a good gear for street riding!

Barra in my size. No denting, light as DB 531, the original Al master. bash it against things, ride it hard, never worry about upkeep. matching fork, of course. a pickled piece of aluminium…

I look down on all of the other suggestions. How can a frame be an ultimate frame if someone can go and buy one exactly the same tomorrow, built by the same person? i want something that nobody else has or can get. exclusivity must count for something…actually, for me, it counts a lot.
And building your own frame and calling it the ultimate seems rich to me… Sort of discounts the experience and talent that great framebuilders have.

if you can find me one of those Cinelli Lasers tomorrow please buy it for and I’ll pay you back - I’ll love you forever.

Parents have a tendency to love their children no matter how hideously ugly they are - same applies with building your own frame. Plus it’s also cool having something that ‘nobody else can get’.

<a href=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rK9u95PdlMc”>sweet rides</a>

You sir are a dick! I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but you should definately have had yours taken away at birth.

haha, team murray…

it breaks the ground barrier!

heheheh :slight_smile: fair enough. But why? I point to the Barra because it is near indestuctable, it dominated the toughest test of bicycles of all time, it’s beautiful, it’s handmade in a way that not many would have the patience to replicate these days, i’ve never seen one in the flesh and therefore would feel very special riding it. Who else has given a compelling reason to justify the tag of ‘their ultimate’?

chazhutton: Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for building your own frame (and would love to do it myself one day) and saying its rad and fun/proud to have something you built yourself, but the issue is saying it’s the ultimate… maybe i took the question too literally. It’s like building a pair of wheels (for the first time? unless there is a master frame builder among us) and calling them the ultimate wheels, except (i guess) building a frame is a lot harder and depends even more on skill and experience.

When i say i look down on other suggestions, i really am just stating the obvious… we are talking about frames that we would have over all others after all.

Cinelli lasers are cool… I’d have one for sure! but for me, theyre not in the same league as a nicola barra. but then, i like to listen to john denver when i ride, and some great people like kraftwerk :slight_smile:

oh! and for those unconvinced… 1950 mixte, fully equipped rando rig with light, rack, fenders… 10kegs.
i get kind of light headed looking at that bike. its my new desktop background.

What are the Baum Ti frames worth out of curiosity?

More than I can afford that’s for sure… :expressionless:

this guy claims to have the ultimate track frame

so if you want the ultimate track frame this is it.