Umm, what the fuck?

Is it just me, or have all posts on this forum vanished from prior to the 22nd of August, 2007?

Yeah I was looking for something the other day and couldnt find it.

And it looks like no one here rides a fixed MTB either…

Hmmm… yes, it’s been like that for a while… did we crash or was it ‘spring-cleaning’? (due to server space?)…

No-one really ever rode a fixed mtb except for Duncan, but he got bored of being the only poster! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW Nick - were you sailing when you posted this?

Hmm, seems like I’ve found the source of the disappearing posts…

MJ, no, I’m not at sea right this minute, but rather sitting in a marina in France. Cherbourg to be exact!

History is restored. PM me if you find any strangeness. Some moderated posts will still be that way, and some may have re-appeared.