Unicycle advice?

I’m planning on taking up Uni-cycling and am wondering if anyone has any advice on wheel size.
Is smaller or bigger easy’er to learn on?

sounds like you want UOA

^ The AUS…that’s not gonna get confusing.

I got given an ALDI one for xmas.

Don’t know what the fuck im doing on it :frowning: Certainly harder than it looks.

if you’re beardo you can get one with internal hub gears :stuck_out_tongue:

HLC what size wheel have you got? slick tyre or MTB?

The jugleo thread is that way-------->

I used to be able to manual for days. Could do quite a few spinny flatland moves. But do you think I could ride one unless I was six beers down?

Takes alot of practice and a couple of good fall’s to get it. The old hill’s hoist is damn handy learning tool.

No real advice sorry. Good luck.

looks like a 20" knobby i guess? Haven’t looked at it properly, and couldn’t ride it first go, so gave up.

good choice

Thanks Shakes I might hit up the hills hoist :slight_smile:

HLC sounds like you should have another go at it. Did you expect to get it first ride?

A 20" wheel is probably the easiest to learn on unless you are really short. A hallway where you can touch both walls at the same time is a good place to learn. Otherwise a flat footpath with a fence to grab is your next best option. Hard surfaces are easier to learn on but hurt more when falling off. Most people take around 15 hours of practice to learn. Just a matter of spending the time in the saddle to get the muscle memory working.

Good luck. This forum will have answers to almost any question you may have: Unicyclist Community

I found one with a broken seat in hard rubbish a few years ago. After a three or four hours my mate and I could ride up and down the street. We were just getting on by holding onto each other and riding off.

can you do skids on a unicycle though?

Serious question - will learning how to ride a unicycle make me better at popping monos?

riding it isn’t too hard, but i still haven’t mastered mounting it without holding on to anything

I think you can skid but will be on your ass or face shortly after

I got onto the Uni forum.

It seems that a smaller wheel is easy’est to learn :slight_smile:

That aside I’m planning on getting a 26" wheeled one as it will have more use further down the track.
Also i’m 6’4" and 26" is small when your that big :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, 24 or 26" MUNI is the way to go.
Chain link fence around a basketball or tennis court is good.
Lot more tyre choices if you go 26". 2.4" Holly Roller or 2.5" Hookworm both good.
Surly are now doing a 2.75" Dirt Wizard that could be good too.
47mm Kris Holm rim FTW.

This thread got a lot less hate then I thought it would